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Luxury Watch Buying Guide


A luxury watch is a once in a lifetime purchase and an investment, so it’s important to make the right choice for you. A high-end watch will have been built to last and knowing how to buy a luxury watch will make it easier for you to select the perfect timepiece. In this luxury watch guide we’ll take you through all the different elements you need to consider before making a purchase, to help you make up your mind on which luxury watch to buy.

Know your budget

Luxury watches come at a range of different price points, with the cheapest starting at around £500 and the most expensive coming in at £5million or more. It’s important you know your budget before you start looking at where to buy luxury watch brands as you don’t want to under- or over-spend on your investment. Knowing your budget also helps you narrow down the vast selection of high-end watches you can choose from because too much choice isn’t always a good thing.

Know which sort of movement you want

The next step is to decide on what sort of movement you want your luxury watch to have. Some work on a battery-powered quartz movement, and these watches tend to be less expensive than those which work on a mechanical movement. This is because mechanical movements are made up of hundreds of hand-assembled parts, and most brand houses don’t make their own movement parts in-house, but source them from specialist manufacturers. Movements are often the product of decades of research and development, so brands which do make their own in-house components like to celebrate that fact and can command a higher price tag when it comes to their watches. Whether you choose to pay the premium or opt for a less expensive model, you also need to decide whether you want your watch to be manually wound or automatic.

Water resistance

Virtually all watches now manufactured are splash resistant, but you need to consider whether you need your luxury watch to have a greater level of water resistance. If you’re planning on wearing your watch in water then you need a higher level of resistance. For example, a watch which is described as having 3BAR / 3ATM / 30m will only be splash-proof and shouldn’t be fully submerged in water. If you’re uncertain and require further guidance on the levels of water resistance, it’s always worth speaking to the jeweller or manufacturer you are buying from.




You also need to think about the aesthetic appearance of your watch, including the size of the face you want. Ladies’ watches generally start at 20mm in diameter, while men’s watches can be as large as 50mm in diameter. A fairly standard men’s watch has a face between 30mm and 36mm in width, but in the end, it comes down to personal preference and finding a watch which feels comfortable to wear.


When considering the aesthetic appeal of your new watch, you also need to consider the strap material. High-quality leather has a timeless quality to it and is comfortable on the wrist, although it may be prone to fading or wear and isn’t best suited to a watch which may be regularly submerged in water. You could choose a metal strap, which has a reassuringly sturdy feel to it and is better suited to a water-resistant watch. There are also NATO straps, which were originally designed for the British army during the Second World War. These are made from a single piece of material woven underneath spring bars, with a keeper strap ensuring the watch stays on your wrist even if a bar breaks. That makes a NATO strap a great choice if you lead a very active lifestyle or are going to be wearing your watch in water. They’re also cheaper than other types of strap, which will lower the overall cost of your luxury watch.

Other features

Most luxury watches will have additional features, whether it’s as simple as a date display or as complex as a perpetual calendar which never needs adjusting, even accounting for leap years. There are all sorts of other features you might want to consider, so it pays to look into a few different options. Investigate what various brands and different models have to offer before deciding on the added extras you want from your watch. So why buy luxury watch brands? After a house and a car, a luxury watch is probably one of the best investments you can make, as high-quality watches are built to last a lifetime and are often handed down to the next generation. This watch buying guide is simply a starting point. Ultimately the watch you choose will come down to personal preference, but take your time and ask for professional advice if you’re at all uncertain.

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