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Uno De 50

The UNOde50 brand was born in Madrid, Spain, in the late nineties and has seen steadily increasing demand for their products under the creative direction of José Azulay. Twenty years later the company has grown and evolved into the distinctive brand that we know and love today. 

Handcrafted in Spain, José Azulay’s unique design gives each piece of UNOde50 jewellery its one-of-a-kind feel. UNOde50 utilise traditional jewellery-making methods to create their quality pieces, but their designs remain far from traditional, they stand out, they are eye-catching, recognisable, different and unique, they bring something fresh and exciting to the jewellery market. The UNOde50 personality can be seen in every piece, exuding strength, passion, freedom and beauty.

Creativity, quality and uniqueness remain the key values for this company, who continue to handcraft 50-unit limited editions with each of their inspiring collections.

"We are all different. Even different depending on the day. Or on the time of day.

That is why each UNOde50 piece is different. I want to express moods in my designs.

With the metals whose curves reflect a countless number of emotions, their magnificence, their strengths. With the leather that represents the beginning of time and life, nature in the primitive state. The crystals symbolize the joy of living, positivity, fantasy and glamour.

And the finished design comes from that mix. The triumph of free spirit, harmony, and, above all, the joy of knowing that what I have done with all my soul is going to make many people happy."




Allum & Sidaway are thrilled to share these stylish and contemporary pieces with you and invite you to boldly express yourself, unveiling the real you, with an exquisite piece of jewellery by UNOde50. No permission is needed! 


Discover these timeless handcrafted creations inspired by the sparkling stars above us, the universe, love and connection, magic, wishes and journeys to faraway places. Choose from yellow gold and silver-plated metals or leather, skilfully crafted into bracelets, cuffs, bangles, necklaces, rings and earrings in a range of stunning designs, some incorporating beads, stones, crystals, charms, pendants and leather details. 


UNOde50 Bracelets and Bangles

This breath-taking collection of bracelets and bangles features enchanting names like Lady Marmalade, Sumba Island, Waves, Magic, Connected, Make a wish, Journey, Lucky, Hooked on a feeling, Kanawa beach and Eclipse. Whether you are purchasing a piece of jewellery for yourself, or for someone else, you will find something you love in this striking selection of bracelets and bangles. 

UNOde50 Bracletes & Bangles

UNOde50 Necklaces

Eye catching long, short, crossover and stackable necklaces are featured in this collection with beaded, dragonfly, padlock or feather pendants expressed in fresh modern designs, some incorporating Swarovski crystals, stones and pearls, with coordinating earrings and bracelets.

UNOde50 Necklaces Collection

UNOde50 Earrings

Make a statement with these bold contemporary earrings. Choose from drop, stud and hoop styles with beads, crystals or synthetic pearls creatively incorporated into these refreshing and unique designs. Connected double drop earrings, inseparable open work studs, Porthole drop earrings and crossover drop earrings are featured in this unique collection. 

UNOde50 Earrings Collection

UNOde50 Rings

These stylish stackable, open, medallion-shaped or crystal rings perfectly express your individuality. Choose from our beautiful ring collection which includes the inspired Kanawa beach ring, Light it up ring and breath-taking Tornado ring. 

UNOde50 Ring Collection

UNOde50 jewellery continues to inspire and delight a new generation. In his recently published book José Azulay, President and Creative Director of UNOde50, gives insight into his creative process and shares his desires, concerns and passions for this inimitable jewellery brand.

To see our collections of UNOde50 jewellery, visit one of our beautiful stores, where you will receive exemplary service in a luxury retail environment. At Allum & Sidaway we value our customers, we care about your experience, and we pride ourselves on the service we provide. We can guide you through every aspect of your jewellery purchase and would be delighted to share our collections with you.

We offer a range of associated services, including jewellery cleaning and repair, financing and advice on how to care for your purchases. 

Allum & Sidaway is so much more than a jewellery store! Come and experience luxury first-hand. You’ll be glad you did.

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