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Ball Watches

Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions.

Ball watches

History of Ball Watches 

To a large extent, the development of the watch industry in America can be attributed to the advent and subsequent development of American railroads.  Prior to the advent of trains as a means of transporting people and goods, there was no real need for precise timekeeping or uniform time.  Even after the railroad system in the United States had reached significant proportions following the Civil War, communities continued to maintain their local times.  By the end of 1883, the railroad industry had agreed, at least among themselves, to divide the nation into four time zones and had adopted Standard Time.  The public soon followed suit, although it is interesting to note that the Congress did not officially sanction the concept until 1918.

The Ball Watch Company was founded by famous Clevelander Webster Clay Ball. Born in Fredericktown, Ohio on October 6, 1847, Ball’s accomplishments reached international acclaim, not only for his civic contributions, but also for his place in horology. When Standard Time was adopted in 1883, he was the first jeweller to use time signals, bringing accurate time to Cleveland. 

Ball Watch remains one of the most respected and established watch brands in the United States. Every detail, from the shape of the hands to the style of the numerals, was laid down by the founder in his quest for accuracy in timekeeping.  It is a vision that the Ball family remains faithful to and despite changes in appearance over the decades, the founding spirit of the brand - industrial function - has never changed and can be seen in Ball's original details, such as the watch dial that faithfully follows his design guidelines for the standard railway watch.

The Ball Watch Company is single-minded in its commitment to this vision “we are focused on building the mightiest, robust watches that endure all adverse conditions.”

Automatic Ball watches

Quality and accurate timekeeping are still paramount in the creation of all ball watches, but their timepieces have continued to evolve over the years, from the rugged accurate timekeepers of the Victorian era, into the range of stylish and elegant designs for the modern consumer that we see today. Automatic winding, Swiss-made mechanical movements, power reserves and antimagnetic features are just a few of the outstanding technological advances showcased in their stunning contemporary collections.

Water resistant Ball watches

To discover the depths - The water resistance of Ball watches varies by collection. The Trainmaster and Conductor series begin at 30m/100ft. The Engineer II and Fireman series are 100m/330ft. The Engineer Master II series ranges from 100m/330ft to 300m/1,000ft, and the Engineer Hydrocarbon series begins at 300m/1,000ft and goes up to 3,000m/ 9,850ft for the DeepQUEST.

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