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Choosing the Perfect Earrings

Earrings can enhance your natural beauty and brighten your face. They can finish off your desired look and set you apart from the crowd. Your jewellery is an expression of you, it communicates a lot about you as a person. At Allum & Sidaway selecting the perfect earrings to express who you are is easy. Our expansive range of styles, colours, stones, shapes and sizes will provide the perfect pair of earrings for any occasion. So, whether you want to add a sparkle to that beautiful black dress, make a statement at that job interview, or purchase a beautiful pair of earrings to express your love, we have the perfect pair, just waiting for you.  


Choosing the perfect earrings


There are a number of things to consider when choosing your earrings, regardless of whether they are for yourself, or a loved one. Firstly, you must consider the function of the earrings. Are they going to be worn regularly, so need to be durable, or intended for use on a special occasion? Will they need to compliment a particular outfit? Or many different outfits? Are they intended for day or evening wear? The earrings you would purchase to wear with a wedding dress, or for a glamorous evening event, are going to be very different from the ones you would choose for more functional every day or workwear. 

Secondly, it is important to think about who is going to be wearing the earrings. Are they male or female? What hair colour and skin tone do they have? What shape is their face? How old are they? and how do they like to dress. Your choice of material, stone and style will be influenced by what compliments specific hair colours and skin tones, style of dress and desired look.  

Men typically opt for metal or stone studs or small hoops. Pearl and diamond earrings are a popular choice amongst brides, looking for earrings to wear with a wedding dress. Long, sparkling or dangling earrings can look very sophisticated with a strapless dress, or formal evening wear. Big hoops and chunky earring styles can look great with jeans or a more casual outfit, and delicate studs and stones can add a finishing touch to your everyday outfits. 

If you’re not sure what earring style would best suit you, think about the shape of your face. Longer earrings tend to add length to the face, while a smaller face may look disproportionate with very large earrings. As a rule of thumb though, follow your heart. Your jewellery should speak to you! If you love it, wear it, and the love will shine through. It’s your expression of yourself after all.  


Earring styles

Factors you can consider when choosing a style are the material, colour, shape and size of the earrings. Earrings are usually made from precious metals and may be set with precious or semi-precious stones. The metals used are typically white or yellow in colour, and some earrings are made from both. Different coloured metals will look different on different people, influenced by their hair colour and skin tone. People with fairer skin tend to suit white metals such as white gold, silver and platinum, which look attractive with their cooler skin tone, whilst people with darker skin tones tend to carry the yellow metals, such as gold and rose gold, better. 

Once you have selected the colour or colours of your metal, you can decide whether you want a stone or cluster of stones set into the earrings. Stones, of course, are available in every colour imaginable, all with their own unique structures, histories and significance. Each month of the year is associated with a particular birth stone or stones, and some special anniversaries are traditionally marked by giving gifts of precious stones such as rubies, sapphires or diamonds. You can check out our informative guides for more information on birth and anniversary stones. Stones are also available in a wide variety of sizes, cuts and styles, but at Allum & Sidaway we guarantee to have something perfect for you and your budget.      

Earrings differ in their size and shape, but are typically available for pierced ears in studs, hoops and dangling styles. The types of closure and back differ also, some styles will thread or hook through the ears and do not require separate earring backs to keep them in place. Hoop earrings will usually close to form a complete circle, whereas many dangling styles do just that, ‘dangling’ from a hook. Earrings that do require backs will usually have metal butterfly-shaped backs, made from the same metal as the earrings, that slide neatly onto the back of the earrings to hold them in place.

Earring trends

When we think about the world of fashion, we tend to think about clothes, but there are as many fashions and trends in hairstyles, shoes and jewellery, as there are in clothes. In recent years piercing has become much more popular, with many people choosing to have multiple piercings. The high lobe piercing is now very popular for the ears, with people choosing bars and stacked or staggered earrings to accentuate their personal style.

So what earrings are popular and in fashion now? The fashion runways have been filled this year with big, bold jewellery styles, strikingly long earrings, oversized and adorned with everything from beachy shells and beads, boho tassels, glitzy initials and logos, to resin flowers. The ongoing trend seems to be just as daring, with moves towards huge mismatched earrings, oversized hoops and enormous chain links, chokers reminiscent of the punk era, and themed stacked earrings portraying such things as arrays of celestial bodies. 

Caring for your earrings 

At Allum & Sidaway we care about you, and we care about your jewellery. No two pieces of jewellery are alike, so if you’re wondering how to clean your earrings, rest assured that our excellent team will provide you with the information you need, specific to your purchase, to make you feel confident in how to clean and care for your beautiful new jewellery. Feeling confident in cleaning your jewellery? We offer a fantastic rage of cleaning products from Connoisseurs.

We have a wide selection of stunning earrings. Visit one of our stores or purchase from a range of earrings from our online store. If you have any questions about a particular set of earrings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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