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Choosing the perfect necklace


A necklace adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Necklaces come in a variety of different styles, lengths, shapes, sizes and materials. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to select a necklace that you would be able to cherish for years to come. Especially if you are buying a precious stone necklace for your loved one, making a perfect choice can become even more challenging. So, what necklaces are in style? What necklaces should you wear with dresses? What necklaces are popular now?


Necklace vs. Pendant


Often ‘pendant’ and ‘necklace’ are used interchangeably. It is assumed that pendants and necklaces are the same types of jewellery. However, a ‘pendant’ is usually a jewellery charm that is sold individually without a chain. A necklace is a pendant with a chain, and often will come with complementing jewellery pieces such as a ring or pair of earrings. Pendants generally cost less in comparison to necklaces. Tess Watson's top tip for choosing the perfect necklace:


"Are there matching earrings or rings to complete the set?" Tess Watson - Manager - Shaftesbury

Some people think that it is smarter to spend a little more on purchasing a more valuable gemstone pendant, than the chain of a necklace. However, it highly depends on personal preference.


Choosing a Necklace


You have to consider a few essential things when you select a necklace. Before you make the final purchase decision, you must be able to answer important questions like what necklaces are in fashion? What necklaces are celebrities wearing? The following tips will help you choose the perfect necklace:


Casual or Formal


Is it for casual wear or a formal occasion? You might want to spend your money on an extravagant necklace because you want that perfect formal necklace that you can flaunt on your wedding and/or other formal occasions. You may also want something that you can wear daily with most of your outfits without looking ‘over-the-top’. In this case, selecting a simpler design would be a smarter choice. Classic designs, including precious gemstone and diamond cluster necklaces are an excellent choice for casual and semi-formal wear.

Necklace Length


Not every necklace suits every neckline. It is important to know what necklaces go with what necklines. Especially, if you want a necklace that you can wear daily. Then check which neckline you prefer to wear the most.

  • 14-16 inch necklaces or chokers go best with off-the-shoulder, boat necks, scoop necks, V-necks, sweetheart neckline.

  • 18-26 inch necklaces go best with high-necks, turtlenecks, and crew neckline styles.

  • 26-42 inch necklaces go best with all high necklines.


If you want your necklace to be versatile, look for an adjustable clasp or loops big enough to hook the clasp through. You can then easily adjust the length of the necklace according to the neckline of your outfit. Luke Popes top tip for choosing the perfect necklace:

"Never underestimate the practicality of an adjustable chain" Luke Pope - Assistant Manager - Salisbury
Necklace Shape



Colour is subdivided into two categories:


  • The colour of the metal: Obviously it depends mainly on a persons preference. However, white metals such as white gold, platinum and silver look good on people with a cooler skin undertone. Yellow metals like gold, rose gold, brass, and copper look good on people with a warm skin undertone. Whereas, neutral skin undertone people usually look good in both yellow and white metals.
  • Colour of the gemstone: For people with cool skin tones a ruby necklace, garnets, emeralds, amethyst, topaz, tanzanite or a sapphire necklace will be the best choice. Whereas, aquamarine, citrine, golden pearl, fire opal, peridot, turquoise or orange sapphire would be the  ideal choice for people with warm skin undertones.

So before you decide on your necklace, make sure that you know your skin undertone and that you are sure about which colour metal suits you the best.

Diamonds are also available in all the colours of the rainbow, black and white so you can select a coloured diamond necklace if you want to wear a precious coloured gemstone. However, coloured diamonds are more precious which make them pricier in comparison to coloured gemstones. 



Ensure that you are spending your money wisely. If you want a necklace that you can wear daily, then ensure that you are focusing equally on the quality of the necklace as you are focusing on its beauty. It is a better choice to select a necklace made with 100 % pure metal (pure gold necklace, silver, platinum or copper). However, if you want to buy a plated necklace, then ensure that the plating is thick so that it does not wear off with regular wear. Chelsea Harris' top tip for choosing the perfect necklace:

"Look for a platinum setting as it’s the most secure for setting gemstones" Chelsea Harris - Sales Assistant - Gillingham

Final Decision


Knowing what you will wear in the long run, depending on your style and preference and ensuring what will suit your body will help in making the final decision easier for you. It is always a smarter idea to research about the retailer and ensure that you are not only buying a beautiful necklace, but that the retailer is also reputable. Steph Widdup's top tip for choosing the perfect necklace:

"Bigger is always better" Steph Widdup - Supervisor - Salisbury

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