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Seiko Watches at Allum & Sidaway

Seiko Watches Stockists - Allum & Sidaway

At Allum & Sidaway we are always excited by companies that produce innovative, quality watches that are not only precise, stylish and durable, but also affordable. 

Seiko has an outstanding reputation for manufacturing watches that are just this, and many of their designs, especially the higher end ones, are comparable to Swiss watch brands that are significantly more expensive.


The Story of Seiko began back in 1881, when 22-year-old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo. Today, after more than 130 years of innovation, Seiko is still dedicated to the perfection and innovation that Kintaro Hattori strove to achieve, and to his vision to always be “one step ahead of the rest”.


Seiko manufactured its first wristwatch in 1913, not only a first for Seiko, but a first for Japan. It was the beginning of a strong culture of innovation that continues to drive the company.


In 1969, Seiko launched the world's first quartz watch, the Seiko Quartz Astron, and subsequently opened the patents to the world with this powerful statement “Someday all watches will be made this way”. As a result, Seiko have set the global standard, and today, most quartz watches use the system Seiko developed. Time and time again Seiko have proved themselves to be a market leader in innovative, performance watch design and manufacturing.


Allum & Sidaway are delighted to promote our exciting range of precision watches from Seiko.




The Seiko Quartz Astron, released in 1969, has been described as the wristwatch that changed the world! It revolutionised timekeeping with its precision quartz movement and changed the face of watch manufacturing forever. It was 100 times more accurate than the standard mechanical watches of the day. Then in 2012, Seiko launched a new Astron, “the ultimate wristwatch”, which took precision to an even higher level. It was the world’s first GPS solar watch, charged solely from the sun, and could provide the precise time, in any time zone, by receiving a GPS signal from anywhere on Earth. 

The latest Astron 5X series 50th Anniversary limited edition is equipped with a super smart sensor for automatic GPS synchronisation to the exact time twice a day, while the Astron 3X series brings the first women’s GPS solar watch, slimmer but with extraordinary functionality.


Today’s new Astron has made ultra-high accuracy across time zones an everyday reality, and something we can now take for granted, thanks to Seiko’s continued innovation. They have truly brought about a “Second Revolution” in timekeeping technology.



With the Seiko Prospex there are no limits! This popular and quirky watch, based on the original 1970’s Seiko diver’s watch, has a “cult” following amongst alpinists. Renowned as the first sports watch, debuting in 1959, it is a favourite due to its rugged durability, affordable price and uniquely antique mountaineering-inspired take of the classic field watch. Collectible and rare, with limited editions that are not a steady part of core global collection. Today’s Prospex delivers an even higher level of functionality that meets the gruelling needs of sports lovers and adventure seekers alike, whether in the water, in the sky or on the land. January 2020 brings an exciting new range of alpinist-inspired watches. 


5 Sports

The original Seiko Sports and Seiko Sports 5 are two of the most recognisable watches in the world. Released in the 1960s, but out of production for some time, we are excited that Seiko has recently launched the new Seiko 5 Sports, refreshed and redesigned for a new generation. 


As Sporty, stylish and versatile as its predecessors, the refreshed Seiko 5 Sports comes in 5 new styles, Sports Style, Suits Style, Specialist Style, Street Style, and Sense Style. Each of these collections maintain the same basic dimensions and technical features as the original designs, but now offer a much wider range of options in terms of colour, case coating, and dial textures.




The stunning Seiko Coutura collection combines classic everyday style with outstanding precision and functionality. Dials accented with diamonds, ceramic and mother-of-pearl add a sophisticated femininity to these beautiful time pieces. 




The Seiko Presage combines a Japanese aesthetic sense with traditional craftsmanship and Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking skills in an original collection that offers beauty, quality and long-lasting performance. When it comes to affordability, the Seiko Presage is a lot of watch for the money, and for many, it will be nicest watch they will ever own. Sleek and sophisticated, the Presage brings a luxury watch at a fraction of the price.






The elegant Seiko Premier collection offers exquisite dress watches for both men and women. Classic and contemporary designs have been expertly combined with Seiko’s innovative technology to create a series of timepieces that are as stunning as they are subtle. The Premier is considered by many to be one of the best Seiko watches of all time.


As an approved Seiko watch stockist, you can trust Allum & Sidaway to guide you effortlessly through the process of purchasing your Seiko watch. We are experienced watch vendors deeply invested in our customer experience.

We look forward to showing you our amazing Seiko watch collection in our stores or purchase from our impressive range online today.


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