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The story of Trollbeads began in Denmark in 1976, with the creation of the first bead, which was the inspiration for the Trollbeads name. The original Trollbead ‘Faces’ was a small silver bead decorated with 6 troll-like faces. The designer, Søren “Silversmith” Nielsen, created and sold the bead from his father, Svend's, jewellery shop in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

A successful family business, then and now, the Nielsen/Aagaard family have always enjoyed creating and working together. Søren’s sister, Lisa Aagaard, captured the collaborative nature of the work they do when she explained that “Some have ideas, some have talent for design, some can find technical solutions and others still have the courage to make it happen. And all of us enjoy working together on a project. It’s that simple.”

The original Trollbeads were made from sterling silver, using a combination of new and ancient techniques. Most silver beads are still modelled using a 3000-year-old technique, the 'cire perdu' or 'lost wax' method

In 1988 the company started using gold, the ultimate symbol of power, wealth and divinity. Gold Trollbeads are made using 18 K gold and are, by design, the perfect balance of purity and 

Up until the year 2000 all Trollbeads were designed by members of the family, when with a view to exploring new ideas and designs, a further 10 established Danish jewellery designers were invited to design for the company. Over 90 designers have now contributed to the collection.

In 2001, Lise Aagaard started designing the now famous glass beads, which are handmade from the finest Italian Murano glass. 

Trollbead dates timeline

Up until 2005, the beads could only be added using tools, but the creation of a new Sterling silver bracelet, with changeable locks, simplified the process of adding and switching beads, making it easy to personalise and recreate the bracelet by simply adding or removing beads.

The new silver bracelet was followed by the addition of gemstone beads and rings to the collection in 2008. The introduction of the leather bracelet and bangles in silver, copper and gold followed in 2010, and by 2017 the collection saw the introduction of a neck bangle and a new 34-piece men’s collection. The Shield, the first sterling silver Father’s Day bead was added in 2018, symbolising the Father’s role as Protector and shield.

The collection has continued to grow, taking inspiration from around the World. There are 13 countries represented in the collection: Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. 

Every piece of Trollbead jewellery is completely unique and can be individualised to tell a very personal story. With a wide collection of beads inspired by mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, spirituality, cultural diversity and so much more, there is a Trollbead for every occasion, memory or moment, and a style to suit any taste.

So, begin your story today by purchasing a beautiful Trollbead bracelet or necklace, an enchanting piece of jewellery that grows with you as you journey through life, and carry your memories with you.


Start Your Story

It’s simple to get started by following these easy steps:

1: Choose a carrier. Select your choice of bracelet, bangle or necklace in precious metal, or leather. You can use them all with our beautiful Trollbeads.

2: Choose a lock. A bracelet or necklace requires a lock, and a bangle will need two spacers to keep your beads from falling off.

3: Choose beads. Select from our extensive range of glass, metal and gemstone Trollbeads. Whether you are celebrating a special milestone in your life or want to keep the memory of a loved one or experience close by – simply choose a bead to represent your memory.


Trollbeads bangle and charm

Allum & Sidaway are delighted to showcase Trollbeads and committed to creating luxurious retail environments where the customer experience is paramount. We offer advice and guidance on cleaning and caring for your jewellery and provide a range of additional services including financing options for your purchases.

We are excited to invite you to visit one of our stores, where our skilled and experienced team of jewellery experts would be delighted to show you our collections and guide you effortlessly through every step of your purchase. 

Let us help you to start your story……………….

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