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Wedding Gifts for Bridesmaids

If you are looking for the perfect gifts to say ‘thank you’ to your bridesmaids, flower girls or maid of honour, you’ve come to the right place. We are experts in the wedding business, and everything we do at Allum & Sidaway is centred around creating a luxurious and welcoming retail environment for you. From the comfortable seating areas, the rich purple and soft grey hues, to the velvet carpet, and the highly trained and welcoming team. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a space that feels comfortable, relaxing and welcoming. 

Join us in a glass of bubbly and trust us to guide you through the process of selecting and purchasing the gifts for your bridal party. We want you to enjoy every moment in this special journey. Your experience matters to us! 


Group of Bridesmaids


There are many amusing tales and superstitions surrounding the tradition of having bridesmaids, and a bridal party, at a wedding, but the precursor to this tradition is believed to come from the Ancient Romans, who had a law requiring 10 witnesses to be present for a wedding to take place. 


The Romans dressed their bridesmaids and groomsmen exactly like the bride and groom, in order to protect the newlyweds from evil spirits, troublemakers and jealous ex-lovers! The matron, or maid of honour, was intended to be a moral role model, known for fidelity and obedience, and the flower girls scattered aromatic petals and buds to create a pleasing aroma, in days when personal hygiene wasn’t as commonplace! 

In early Victorian times, all-white weddings became the tradition, after the young Princess Victoria married her German Prince wearing all white as a symbol of her innocence and purity. Victorian bridesmaids, who were supposed to be younger than the bride, wore white dresses with short veils, contrasting with the bride’s more ornate veil and train. However, by the 20th century, this tradition had become less popular, and only the bride wore white during her wedding.


Most modern wedding parties include at least one bridesmaid, and many have flower girls, bridesmaids and a maid of honour, usually chosen from amongst close female relatives and friends of the bride. Bridesmaids are typically young and unmarried, or a similar age to the bride, so Sisters and close friends are an obvious choice to fill this role. Little girls or female toddlers are usually chosen as flower girls, and the ‘maid of honour’ is usually an older, married female, often a Sister or friend.


Modern bridesmaids do not usually wear white, or wear veils. They are mindfully dressed to compliment the bride, rather than outshine her. Bridesmaids dresses are often chosen in a colour that coordinates with the wedding flowers or groomsmen’s waistcoats, and in a style that helps tie the overall wedding theme together. They often have matching hair, styled into intricate braids, flowing curls, or soft feminine ‘up-dos’ with matching hair jewellery. Sparkling hairpins, combs, tiaras and headbands are the choice of many modern brides for the females in their wedding parties. 



Role of the Bridesmaid

In Victorian times bridesmaids were tasked with making party favours out of things like ribbons and flowers and pinning them onto the sleeves and shoulders of guests as they left the ceremony. 

Bridesmaids today have a big role to play in a modern wedding. Duties can include arranging a ‘hen’ or ‘bachelorette’ party for the bride, helping to choose the wedding dress, preparing decorations and party favours for the wedding, helping to dress and undress the bride and making sure she shows up for the wedding, carrying her train and veil and ensuring she doesn’t forget her shoes or stumble while walking down the aisle. 

Once the ceremony is underway the bridesmaids have responsibilities such as taking off and holding gloves, holding bouquets and assisting any little flower girls or ring bearers during the celebrations. 


Bridesmaids are still often called upon to be witnesses to the marriage, signing the register and witnessing the exchanging of vows.

Gifts for your Bridesmaid


Gifts aren’t required for bridesmaids, but most brides choose to give them to the members of their wedding party as a ‘thank you’, prior to the wedding, often presenting them at the rehearsal dinner. 

Modern gift choices vary widely and can include monogrammed or customised compact mirrors, phone cases, jewellery boxes, ring dishes, chocolates, glasses, clutch bags, paintings and of course jewellery. 

Pieces of jewellery, such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets are a popular choice for today's brides. Gifts of jewellery are typically chosen to compliment the bridesmaid’s dresses, and ultimately add some sparkle or finesse to the overall look of the wedding.

At Allum and Sidaway we can recommend a range of beautiful and enchanting gifts for your flower girls, bridesmaids and maid of honour. We have a stunning wedding collection, with something for everyone, from matching bracelets and necklaces, in whimsical and charming designs like cubic zirconia dragonflies, stars, infinity bracelets and freshwater pearls to gemstone and precious metal hairpieces. 


Our jewellery collections have been chosen from the finest designers and craftsmen in the jewellery business. From contemporary to classic, our exquisite range of jewellery and bridesmaids gifts will take your breath away. Whether you are looking for dazzling diamonds, colourful gemstones, crystals, freshwater pearls or precious metals, we have something special for every member of your wedding party in our extensive collections.


We are confident that you will love our jewellery, gifts and wedding accessories as much as we do, and we’re excited to help you make your wedding day truly memorable, as you select the perfect gifts for your wedding party.

Come and visit us in one of our stores and let us show you our beautiful range of gifts for bridesmaids.


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