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Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen

The ‘best man’ and a handful of handsome suited and booted groomsmen have become an integral part of the modern wedding party. Chosen by the groom, groomsmen are usually friends or male relatives of the bride or groom. 


The Roles of Groomsmen

Best Man 

Arguably the most important man at the wedding, bar the groom, the ‘best man’ has a somewhat daunting task. In Western cultures the best man is typically responsible for arranging the ‘stag’ or ‘bachelor’ party, keeping the wedding rings safe, making a speech about the happy couple (without getting the groom into any trouble), getting the groom to the church on time, and in days gone by he was expected to stand in and marry the bride, in the event that the groom didn’t show up. It’s no wonder then that some men display trepidation at the thought of fulfilling this lofty role.  

While modern best men aren’t usually expected to jump in and marry the bride if she’s left standing at the altar, they do still have an important role to play in the smooth execution of the nuptials. We’ve all heard tales of lost wedding rings, inappropriate speeches and stag parties gone wrong, only to miss the most important day of their lives. So, to avoid heartbreak and a maelstrom of panic on what should be an enjoyable day choose your best man carefully! Most best men take their role very seriously and consider it an honour to be chosen to stand at the groom’s side and perform these duties.


Ushers do just that, they usher the guests into the wedding ceremony, helping them get seated and handing out orders of service. They typically arrive ahead of time, with the groom and best man to ensure that the wedding guests are greeted warmly on arrival. 

Best Man

What do Groomsmen wear?

Groomsmen have traditionally worn matching suits with buttonholes, where a small flower arrangement is worn, often matching the brides and bridesmaids’ bouquets. The style of suit is chosen by the groom and can vary widely depending on the degree of formality of the wedding. 

A casual wedding may not include groomsmen at all, or call for the wearing of suits, while other couples choose to have their groom and groomsmen dressed more formally in top hats and tailcoats, or kilts. As with every other aspect of the wedding, it is a very personal choice, and will typically reflect the likes and dislikes of the bride and groom.

Traditional tuxedos and dress suits can be rented from an outfitter, who will ensure the groomsmen are measured and fitted accurately for a seamless and coordinated look. It is advisable to start shopping around for an outfitter at least 6 months before the wedding to make sure of availability. Most outfitters will take a small deposit to secure a booking, with the balance being due on, or just before, the wedding. Many outfitters will also offer delivery and collection services which can relieve some of the pressure on the wedding party.   

The modern groom is really spoilt for choice, whatever his style, with a host of high street and designer outfitters competing for business. The buzz on the internet, for dapper groomsmen fashion in 2020, is for velvet jackets in rich jewel tones worn with slim fitting black trousers and matching velvet dickie bows. Sumptuous suits are also popular, in rich colours like burgundy, green and blue with a comeback for floral, spotted and pinstriped ties. Bright coloured contrast waistcoats are still a firm favourite, but we’re also seeing grooms opting for coloured and patterned jacket linings and heavier fabrics, in earthy coloured tweeds and tartans, especially for those Autumn and Winter weddings. It’s safe to say that todays grooms are hanging up the traditional tuxedos and heading down the aisle in bolder colours and more creative styles.

Gifts for Groomsmen

Gifts for groomsmen are becoming more popular, and while not expected, are often given as a way of thanking them for being part of the wedding celebration. Typical gifts include spirits, liquor flasks, glasses, key rings, socks, belts, cigars, cufflinks, tie pins, pens, jewellery and journals, often monogrammed or personalised with initials. The rehearsal dinner or wedding reception are a good opportunity to present these gifts.

 Fortunately, for todays groomsmen, there are vast resources available on the internet providing access to ideas and vendors for speeches, wedding vows, attire and gifts. If on the other hand you prefer the personal touch, come and visit us in one of our five unique stores. Our highly trained and attentive team can guide you effortlessly through your wedding planning. 

Look no further, we’ve got you covered from planning the proposal and selecting the engagement ring, through to choosing gifts for your groomsmen. You will receive a very warm welcome at one of our Allum & Sidaway stores. We are so much more than jewellers, we are experts in the wedding business.

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