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Our workshops will carry out every day repairs including ring sizing, soldering, replacing stones and repairing worn settings.

Ring Sizes
9ct down sizing 3mm shank£20
9ct down sizing 6mm shank£38
18ct down sizing 3mm shank£28
18ct down sizing 6mm shank£48
9ct up sizing (unless very thick shank)£20 plus £10 per size
18ct up sizing (unless very thick shank)£28 plus £14 per size
22ct down sizing 3mm shank£40
22ct up sizing up to 3mm shank£40 plus £20 per size
9ct white gold down sizing 3mm shank£70
9ct white gold down sizing 6mm shank£88
18ct white gold down sizing 3mm shank£78
18ct white gold down sizing 6mm shank£98
9ct white gold up sizing (unless thick shank)£70 plus £10 per size
18ct white gold up sizing (unless thick shank)£78 plus £14 per size
Platinum down sizing 3mm shank£38
Platinum down sizing 6mm shank£76
Platinum up sizing 3mm shankFrom £38 plus £20 per size
Platinum up sizing 6mm shankFrom £76 plus £20 per size
Silver down sizing£15
Silver up sizing£15 plus £3 per size
Balls (shots) in shank on a ring
Silver ring shank£45 for 2
9ct ring shank£75 for 2
18ct ring shank£120 for 2
Platinum ring shank£120 for 2
Balls removed & put back in£30
Ring Shanks
9ct ½ shank£180 plus hallmark
9ct ¾ shank£210 plus hallmark
18ct ½ shank£285 plus hallmark
18ct ¾ shank£360 plus hallmark
Platinum shankEstimate £450 +
Hallmark£50 - £75
Silver charm solder£8
Silver - Additional charms on same piece£5
Gold - 9ct charm solder£10
Gold - Additional charms on same piece£8
Links silver charm solder£8
2+ Links charms*Links have increased theirs to £10£5
Retipping Claws
9ct claws£24 per claw (+rhodium if WG)
18ct claw£30 per claw (+rhodium if WG)
Platinum claw£30 per claw
Silver claw£15 per claw
Supply & set stonesEstimate
Polish per item£12 - £15 per item
Polish & rhodium plate per item£50 (larger = more)
Polish & rhodium plate chain end£25
Masking yellow gold & rhodium white gold setting£40
Polish & gild(g/p)£21 - £33
9ct half hasp for heart clasp£55
9ct chain repair (curb/trace/belcher)£14
Additional solder on the same chain£8
9ct hollow chain repair (POW, rope, fancy)£16
Additional solder on the same chain£9
18ct chain repair (curb/ trace/ belcher)£20
Additional solder on the same chain£12
Silver chain repair£8 - £10
Additional solder on the same chain£6

All prices for simple chain repairs.
Estimate for more complex chains.
Plus Rhodium if white gold

Build up end cuff or V link (end loop)From £14
New end cuff/V linkFrom £24 - £45
9ct through bar£48
18ct through bar£88
Pandora Repairs
Shorten bracelet£15 - £20
Remove a charm£10
Safety Chain
Safety chain eyelets£20 each
Silver Safety ChainFrom £27
9ct Light Safety ChainFrom £50
9ct Heavy Safety ChainFrom £66
Size/ Polish/ Finish Blank Signet Rings
9ct gold£75
Reset and claw set£15
New grain setting£25
New flush setting£25
Machine Engraving
Machine£15 set up 10p per letter
Any otherEstimate

ANY work carried out on any items purchased on shopping channels/ internet sites e.g. ‘Gemporia’ are to be left at customers own risk. Risk to stone damage/ stone replacement at customers risk.

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