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Allum & sidaway Jewellers - Professional Ear Piercing

Professional Ear Piercing

We are proud to offer professional ear piercing by appointment at four of our stores.

Whether you are looking to add some extra style to your lobes or somewhere special to ensure a great experience for your child’s first earrings, look to Allum & Sidaway for professional piercing from a family company that you know and trust.

Choose from the inverness piercing system (a world away from the traditional ‘gun’ method) and needle piercing. Being a jewellers, it’s important for us to offer you a great choice of starter earrings too in a variety of metals.

Ear piercing starts from £29.99 and is available at Dorchester, Salisbury, Ringwood & Gillingham stores. Read on for more!

Your appointment

When booking a piercing appointment at your local store, you will receive a free consultation with one of our fully licensed professional piercers, who can help with the styling of your ear.

We offer a huge range of ear piercing positions, as detailed below. All piercings are anatomically based, and our expert team can help with the styling and suitability for your ear.

Allum & sidaway Jewellers - INVERNESS- FROM £34.99


Includes two piercings & titanium earrings. We also offer single piercing only.

(£15 for the piercing and earrings start from £19.99)

Allum & sidaway Jewellers - NEEDLE PIERCING- £15 PER PIERCING


Choose from our gold range (from £49, sold singularly) or our Titanium range (from £12.99, sold singularly)

Our team

Our team

Our team are fully licensed and professionally trained. All of our needle piercers are instrument trained (with the certificates to prove it). We are also trained in infections and troubleshooting- to ensure you are in safe hands.

For those looking to add extra piercings, you can trust that we are passionate about design and helping you to create your style as you wish.

How long will my appointment take?

We allow 30 minutes for an Inverness piercing appointment. The actual piercing part will take a lot less but we go at a pace that you are comfortable with. Most of our clients are leaving with their newly pierced ears after around 15 minutes. A needle piercing appointment typically takes around 30 minutes and we allow a full hour booked with our stylist.

Do I need the inverness system or needle?

Our stylists are available to advise you on the best method for your chosen piercing. Lobes are quicker when pierced with the inverness system, whereas the needle can be more versatile and ensure accuracy for other positions.

What if I want a single piercing?

We are happy to offer this with either piercing method; see pricing.

How old do I need to be?

We have a rule of 8+ with parental consent with the inverness system, and 13+ with parental consent with a needle. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Health, Safety & Aftercare

All choices of jewellery are, of course, sterilised, as well as the one-time use needles and gloves. Piercings can take anywhere between 6 weeks and 12 months to heal. In your appointment, we discuss the appropriate aftercare with you, ensuring you are happy and confident looking after your new piercings. You will also receive complimentary cleaning solution to clean the new piercing.

Different piercings take a different amount of time to heal:

Lobe – 2-3 months

Low Helix – 4-6 months

Helix (including flat and forward helix) – 6-12 months

Tragus – 6-12 months

Conch – 6-12 months

Daith – 9-12 months

Anti-Tragus – 9-12 months

Please note:We offer piercings to the ear lobe & cartilage; any part of the outer ear. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an Adult and our minimum age is 8. For further information or to book an appointment please contact us via the form below.


You can book an appointment directly.Please enquire below and we'll be in touch.